​High temperature warnings appeared in some provinces and cities in May, using Ming high temperature hygrometer to prevent heat stroke

​High temperature warnings appeared in some provinces and cities in May

According to a report from People's Daily Online on May 3, 2020, the Luoyang Meteorological Observatory of Henan Province issued a high temperature red warning signal at 12:15: It is expected that Luoyang urban areas, Xin'an, Mengjin, Ruyang, Yanshi, Yichuan, Luoning, Yichuan The highest temperature in some towns and counties in Yang and other counties (cities) will reach more than 40°C, and citizens are reminded to take precautions.|Ming high temperature hygrometer

With the advent of summer, the country has entered the high temperature mode one after another. Ming Gao's indoor and outdoor thermometers and hygrometers warmly remind you:

Indoor precautions in hot weather
1. The temperature is high and the body's water volatilizes a lot. It is necessary to replenish water in time. You can't wait until you are thirsty and drink some salt water appropriately.
2. Avoid drinking too much if you are thirsty, it will make it difficult for the stomach to adapt. The predecessors advocated: "Drink if you don't want to be extremely thirsty, and drink too much." This is a scientific method to prevent thirst.
3. The temperature of the air conditioner should not be set too low. Keep it at a room temperature of 25-27 degrees. If the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, going out will easily lead to heat stroke.
4. From noon to 14:00, when the sun is full, try not to stay outdoors. If possible, take a lunch break.
5. Take a bath frequently or take advantage of the surrounding conditions to appropriately lower body temperature to prevent excessive evaporation of body water.
6. In summer, you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits that can prevent heat stroke, such as tomatoes, watermelons, bitter gourds, peaches, ebony plums, cucumbers, mung beans, etc.

Precautions for going out in hot weather
1. First, pay attention to taking effective protective measures when working outdoors, avoid tanning your skin for a long time in the sun, and bring heatstroke prevention and cooling drinks.
2. Go out and do a good job of sun protection, wear sunglasses, sun hats or use umbrellas.
3. For clothes made of cotton or silk fabric with good air permeability, do not go out shirtless. It is best to wear long sleeves or shawls and a sun hat when riding or driving for a long time under the scorching sun. In addition, red is the most sun-proof clothing color and can be selected appropriately.
4. When engaging in long-term outdoor sports, prepare heatstroke prevention medicines, including: Huoxiang Zhengqi, Ten Drops of Water, Rendan and so on.

In hot weather, whether you are at home, indoor office or outdoor work, it is necessary to check the surrounding temperature and humidity changes with a thermometer and hygrometer to prevent high temperature and heatstroke. Minggao's indoor and outdoor thermometers and hygrometers are equipped with sophisticated physical sensing components, which can accurately measure the temperature and humidity in the vicinity, remind us to adjust the temperature and humidity of the environment, and protect our health.

​High temperature warnings appeared in some provinces and cities in May-2

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