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The thermometer is broken, what should I do with mercury?

First of all, it is not a serious matter that the mercury thermometer is broken. Parents don’t need to worry too much. I also broke one when I was a child. My doctor, my father, didn’t say anything, just told me not to break it. Mercury is fine, because mercury is toxic, so we should not let mercury directly touch the skin. So the first thing to pay attention to after breaking the mercury thermometer is not to touch the mercury with our hands or other parts of the body.

For the mercury that flows out after the second mercury thermometer is broken, if our indoor environment is better ventilated, then just open the window or door to ventilate it. The mercury will volatilize, and nothing will happen after the volatilization is completed.

Some people say that mercury is toxic after volatilization. This is true, but the amount of mercury in the mercury thermometer is very small, and such a small amount of volatilization has no effect on the human body.

Of course, if you are really not at ease, you can make a small dustpan out of paper, sweep the scattered mercury all at once, and then throw it out in the trash can.

Of course, some children accidentally broke the mercury thermometer. As an adult, we must not let the children touch the scattered mercury, because the child may put the hand that touched the mercury in the mouth, and the problem will be bigger.

There are also children who are afraid of breaking mercury thermometers. They are afraid of making mistakes, so we have to tell him that there is nothing. And mercury thermometers are not expensive products, only a few dollars. When I was a child, I was afraid of breaking them. I'm scared. I didn't know that mercury thermometers are so cheap until I grew up, which made me worry in vain.

The advantages and disadvantages of mercury thermometers

Mercury thermometers, pressure thermometers, and optical pyrometers are all commonly used thermometers, which are generally used in industrial boilers, but they all have their own advantages.

Even at room temperature, this is a beautiful color. It also emits a white light. If the mercury-containing thermometer is broken, this liquid metal called "mercury" will fall on the ground like small water droplets. Mercury-free medical treatment has gradually become one of the norms of international medical and health safety, nowadays. Some European countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark, have banned the use of mercury-containing thermometers, blood pressure measuring devices, and more mercury-containing devices.

This article mainly talks about mercury glass thermometer. It has the characteristics of large measuring range, high measuring accuracy, simple structure, etc. It is mainly composed of temperature measuring bulb, expansion tube and ruler. It is divided into internal mercury thermometer standard type and external standard type. kind.

1. The ruler of the internal standard mercury thermometer is engraved on the milky white glass plate behind the expansion tube.

It is usually used to measure feed water temperature, return water temperature, economizer outlet water temperature, and air preheater inlet and outlet air temperature.

2. The external standard mercury thermometer has a thicker glass tube, and the scale is directly engraved on the outer surface of the glass tube, which is suitable for measuring the temperature of liquids and gases in the laboratory.

However, mercury glass thermometers also have some drawbacks, especially easy to break. Therefore, we must be careful when using them, just in case.

What are the advantages of ODM?

1. The ODM manufacturer is responsible for the entire process from product design to production, which minimizes customer costs and saves customers time, effort, worry, and money.

2. Able to freely, independently and flexibly produce products with its own brand or circulation advantages. It's up to you, according to your wishes, without huge investment, saving the cost of each link.

3. Effectively reduce brand operating costs. Nowadays, the cost of brand marketing has increased exponentially compared to ten or twenty years ago, and the cost of production is relatively reduced to a minimum. The emergence of OEM just solves the problem of merchants' product production, so that merchants can spend the least money to produce ideal products.

4. Make it a reality for customers to create their own brands. At present, the trend of the beauty and makeup industry to develop with merchants' own brands is emerging all over the country. It is through the ODM processing method that merchants can still own their own products without the need to build factories. This was almost impossible before the emergence of ODM.

5. Enable customers to go all out and concentrate on promoting the brand. Most merchants are good at selling, but lack the ability to make good use of their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and focus on promoting the brand to achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

What are the advantages of product foundry?

(1) Enter the international market and participate in international competition

In recent years, competition in domestic home appliances and other industries has become increasingly fierce, and the market has become saturated. In order to expand the market, some domestic manufacturing companies have made OEMs for foreign brands. Enhance the global awareness of the company.

(2) Scale production, reduce costs

Economies of scale generally exist in modern production, that is, as the scale of output expands, the unit cost tends to decrease. This may come from the deepening of specialization and the allocation of fixed costs. If the company itself has this surplus of production capacity, the effect of cost reduction will be more obvious. Participating in OEM supply means expanding the scale of output, which not only increases product sales, but also reduces costs.

(3) Learning experience, perfect management

Companies that provide OEMs often play an important role in the product supply chain of OEM buyers. OEM buyers can have strong strengths in production management, marketing, product development, etc. In the process of cooperation, OEM suppliers can play an important role in product quality. In the management of control, success control, and operational efficiency control, production is organized in accordance with the requirements of the purchaser, and advanced organizational control is derived from the accumulation of "learning by doing" experience to improve the management level of the enterprise.

(4) Product innovation and capacity enhancement

If an OEM product is an innovative product, in addition to meeting the needs of the buyer, the supplier can also sell it on the domestic and foreign markets under its own brand. Either increase the length of the product line and launch new products; or deepen the depth of the product line and increase the variety of existing products, which increases the competitiveness of the enterprise in any aspect.

In addition to sharing the overall competitive advantage of the product, the OEM approach has one of the most distinctive advantages for both buyers and sellers, that is, the flexibility of buyers and sellers to enter and exit the market. As long as either party finds a more profitable way, the contract can be terminated at any time. From this perspective, the OEM market is highly effective.

(5) Saving sales investment

When an enterprise faces a foreign market, it is difficult to establish a completely independent circulation network due to its wide geographic area and different business habits in various countries. But if you borrow the sales power of a foreign company, it will be much more convenient. For example, Fuji, Ricoh and others have adopted OEM methods for their manufacturers and brokers in Europe and the United States. This reduces the friction between companies during operation, reduces the large amount of sales funds that companies should have invested, and enables companies to adapt to overseas operations.

What types of commonly used thermometers are there?

Commonly used thermometers include mercury thermometers, digital thermometers, and liquid crystal thermometers.

1. Mercury thermometer is a kind of expansion thermometer. The freezing point of mercury is -39°C, the boiling point is 356.7°C, and the measuring temperature range is -39°C-357°C. It can only be used as an instrument for on-site supervision. Using it to measure temperature is not only simple and intuitive, but also to avoid the error of the external remote thermometer.

2. Digital thermometer is one of the types of temperature measuring instruments. Depending on the temperature measurement materials used and the temperature measurement range, there are kerosene thermometers, alcohol thermometers, mercury thermometers, gas thermometers, resistance thermometers, thermocouple thermometers, radiation thermometers and optical thermometers, bimetal thermometers, etc.

Digital thermometers can accurately judge and measure temperature, using digital display instead of pointer or mercury display. Therefore, it is called a digital thermometer or a digital thermometer.

3. Liquid crystal thermometer is a kind of thermometer. Its main production materials are liquid crystal and glass. Liquid crystals made with different formulations have different phase transition temperatures. When their phase transitions, their optical properties will also change, making the liquid crystals look discolored. If liquid crystals with different phase transition temperatures are painted on a piece of paper, the temperature can be known from the change in the color of the liquid crystal. The advantage of this thermometer is that it is easy to read, but the disadvantage is that it is not accurate. It is often used in ornamental fish tanks to indicate water temperature.

Extended information:

The earliest thermometer was invented in 1593 by the Italian scientist Galileo (1564-1642).

His first thermometer was a glass tube with an open end and a walnut-sized glass bulb on the other end. When using, heat the glass bulb first, and then insert the glass tube into the water. As the temperature changes, the water surface in the glass tube will move up and down, and the change in temperature and the level of temperature can be determined according to how much it moves.

The thermometer has the function of thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, this kind of thermometer is greatly affected by environmental factors such as the external atmospheric pressure, so the measurement error is relatively large. And now thermometers can also be produced by specialized OEM manufacturers according to different needs and requirements.