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Meet the production standards required by the world's top 500 companies, and complete the products you deliver with quality and quantity .
Program customization

Program Customization

Customize product processing and production plans according to customer needs, greatly ensuring product quality, and saving customers every penny from the source.

Prototype confirmation

Prototype Confirmation

In the process of prototype confirmation, we strictly keep confidential the customer's product technology and other aspects, and truthfully inform the details of production and service to remove customers' worries.

Small batch trial production

Small Batch Trial Production

Follow rigorous and standardized standard processes for efficient prototype production, strictly control product quality in every link, and fundamentally guarantee the quality of products.


Mass production

Mass Production

After ensuring that the small batch products are correct, we can carry out mass production, ensure product quality and ship on time, provide after-sales technology and repair services, so that customers have no worries.

 Ming Gao Service Process 
√ R&D and design √ Injection mold opening √ Manufacturing √ Quality control



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