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Program customization-2

Program Customization

Through the understanding of customer needs, we provide corresponding solutions, and repeated deliberation and demonstration to ensure the feasibility of the final solution and the landing of the product.




Function development

Function Development

According to customer needs, technical research and development services with various functions such as GPRS communication,
Bluetooth communication, APP link embedded cloud platform system, intelligent recording and storage without coding, voice broadcast, health reminder, automatic withdrawal, automatic power saving and other functions can be provided.

Structural design

Structural Design

According to customer needs, we can provide related product structure design services such as kitchen thermometers, health thermometers, temperature and humidity, and smart homes.




Exterior design

Exterior Design

According to customer needs, we can provide fashionable and atmospheric design services.




Ming Gao Service Process 
√ R&D and design √ Injection mold opening √ Manufacturing √ Quality control


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