The correct use of food center thermometers

According to different purposes of use, food center thermometers have been designed and manufactured in a variety of thermometers. The basis for its design includes: use of the phenomenon that solids, liquids, and gases expand and contract due to the influence of temperature; under constant volume conditions, the pressure of gas (or vapor) changes due to different temperatures; the effect of thermoelectric effect; Changes in temperature; the influence of heat radiation, etc.

With the development of society, food center thermometers have been greatly improved. The probe food thermometer is now the main popular one. This food center thermometer is not only conducive to hygiene, but also more intuitive. It shows the temperature to people in a digital way. This unique new generation needle probe thermometer focuses on accuracy, durability and readability. The specifications are designed under strict industry standards to meet and exceed the requirements for commercial and professional use, especially for barbecues.

The correct use of food center thermometers

Features of Food Center Thermometer:

1. The core of the food center thermometer uses a 16-bit single-chip microcomputer, with an imported PT1000 temperature sensor, and after digital temperature correction, it has reached a high measurement accuracy.

2. It adopts stainless steel probe type package, after a special process, the reaction speed is fast and it is easy to use.

3. The whole machine adopts waterproof design, suitable for use in humid environment.

4. Low power consumption, long life, and can automatically shut down.

5. Due to the use of single-chip microcomputer, users have special requirements and can be customized

How to use food center thermometer

When using a food center thermometer to measure the temperature of a liquid, the correct method is as follows:

1. Observe the range, division value and 0 point first, and the measured liquid temperature cannot exceed the range;

2. The glass bulbs of the thermometer are all immersed in the liquid on the side, and do not touch the bottom or wall of the container;

3. After the thermometer glass bulb is immersed in the liquid to be measured, wait a while, and then read after the thermometer's indication is stable;

4. The glass bulb of the thermometer should remain in the liquid when reading, and the line of sight should be level with the upper surface of the liquid column in the thermometer.

Note: Do not shake before temperature measurement

Technical parameters of food center thermometer:

Temperature measurement range: -60℃~+200℃ (expandable to: -100℃∽+300℃)

Resolution: 0.1℃

Degree: ±0.1℃

Power supply: DC3V 1 button battery

Machine size: 150mm (length)

Probe length: 100mm (length)

LCD display size: 25mm (length) × 10mm (width)